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We are a Leading PacketShaper Partner

Renew support with us and we will include engineering time with our PacketShaper Certified Engineers!

Educational and Public Sector environments present unique challenges, requirements and opportunities for IT Professionals. With diverse user groups and unique regulatory requirements, there is a significant need to find solutions that offer both a wide breath of capabilities and accurate detailed reporting - and often with a restricted budget.


Often there may be large amounts of bandwidth available, but that alone does not guarantee application performance, video and audio quality and may actually present a greater challenge in obtaining visibility into true usage data.  


K-12 environments, in particular, are obligated to provide sophisticated restrictions of objectionable content while simultaneously meeting the needs of educators that increasingly need to access external content as a part of their curriculum.  


With customers across 15 states (and counting) and extensive experience in educational environments, we are dedicated to providing solutions that help our customers maintain secure and high-performing infrastructures. 


  • Best of Breed URL Filtering (SSL)

  • Effective Bandwidth Shaping and Application Delivery

  • Flash Caching and Unicast to Multicast Content Delivery

  • Campus-wide or Classroom-specific Wireless Access Control

  • Academic Pricing for VMware Virtualization Solutions

  • Mt. Hood Community College

  • South Kitsap School District

  • Colvile School District

  • Mukilteo School District

  • Eastern Washington University

  • University of Portland

  • Medford School District

  • Moses Lake School District

  • Oregon Episcopal School

  • Seattle Public Schools

  • Clark County (WA)

  • Skagit Valley Community College

  • Yakima Public Schools

  • Yakima Valley Community College

  • Stanwood-Camano School District



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